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Acid Rain In Schenectady


What it does...

Acid Rain Ruined This Forest.

Q.  What effect does Acid Rain have on Trees and Soil?

A.  Acid rain can make trees lose their leaves or needles. The needles and leaves of the trees turn brown and fall off. Trees can also suffer from stunted growth; and have damaged bark and leaves, which makes them vulnerable to weather, disease, and insects. All of this happens partly because of direct contact between trees and acid rain, but it also happens when trees absorb soil that has come into contact with acid rain. The soil poisons the tree with toxic substances that the rain has deposited into it.


Q.    How does this effect on trees and soil affect humans?

A.   The lack of trees means a lack in production of houses, furniture, and can also affect farming if the acid destroys the soil crops are growing in.


Q.   What happens when lakes and aquatic systems become acidic?

A.     Lakes are also damaged by acid rain. A lake polluted by acid rain will support only the hardiest species. Fish die off, and that removes the main source of food for birds. Also, birds can die from eating "toxic" fish and insects. Just as birds can be killed from eating toxic fish, fish can die from eating animals that are toxic. Acid rain can even kill fish before they are born. Acid rain hits the lakes mostly in the springtime, when fish lay their eggs. The eggs come into contact with the acid, and the entire generation can be killed. Fish usually die only when the acid level of a lake is high; when the acid level is lower, they can become sick, suffer stunted growth, or lose their ability to reproduce.


Q.     How do acidic water systems affect us?

A.     Acidic water may be very problematic due to the many activities that occur in water in lakes and streams. Fishing, swimming and other activities would have to be turned down by officials due to problems in the water. Acid may also rust the pipes in which it flows through, and needs extra care to be cleaned for human consumption.


Q.    Are the aquatic systems in our area being affected by acid rain?

A.    No, in the area that we live in, there are no large concentrations of acid rain. North of our city though, near the Adirondacks there are large amounts of acid rain due to the winds carrying pollution from cities to the mountains.


Q.    What are the danger signs of the effect of acid rain on aquatic systems.
A.    True signs include: dead or dying trees, no fish in the water, smell of rotten eggs(Sulfur).

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