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Acid Rain In Schenectady


How the problem of Acid Rain affects us.

Q.  How does Acid Rain affect Humans?
A.  Acid Rain can affect humans in many ways. From illnesses to economic problems where it costs government money to hlp with the problems lie destroying crops, dissolving stone on buildings...etc.
Q.  What are some of the direct effects of Acid Rain on Humans? List health problems associated with the dangerous substance...
A.  Humans can become easily ill, with effects like respiratory problems, especially those with asthma, headaches, drycoughs, and throat irritations from dioxides in the acid rain.
Q.  What are some of the indirect effects of Acid Rain on Humans? Does Acid Rain affect our sources of food, water, and air?
A.  For food, plants can carry the acid, poisoning the body leaving it open to diseases that could spread rapidly through to other people.
Q.  What are the consequences of the effects of Acid Rain on people?
A.  Consequences from Acid Rain include: poisoning from plants, decrease in the populations of animals, and in plants as well. pH levels of soil would also decrease making it unplantable for crops that provide food for many people.

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