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Acid Rain In Schenectady


What Acid Rain on Our Materials.

Stone Worn by Acid Rain

Q.  Does acid rain affect building materials?
      Does acid rain have an affect on architecture?
      What does acid rain do to our roads, highways, and bridges?
A.  Architecture and artwork can be destroyed by acid rain. Acid particles can land on buildings, causing corrosion. When sulfur pollutants fall of the sufaces of buildings (especially those made out of sandstone or limestone), they react with the minerals in the stone to form a powdery substance that can be washed away by rain. This powdery substance is called gypsum. Acid rain can damage buildings, stained glass, railroad lines, airplanes, cars, steel bridges, and underground pipes.
Q.  How does acid rain damage automobiles, trains, or airplanes?
A.  Acid rain can strip paint off of cars and airplanes, but in airplanes, if there is exposed wiring in the fins or the tail, acid rain can quickly rust them or corrode the wires.
Q.  What does acid rain cost us in terms of money?
A.  To reduce damage to automotive paint caused by acid rain and acidic dry deposition, some manufacturers use acid-resistant paints, at an average cost of $5 for each new vehicle (or a total of $61 million per year for all new cars and trucks sold in the U.S.)
Q.  What are the economic consequences of acid rain on fisheries, forestry, and agriculture?
A.  Acid rain can ruin crops that help make money for farmers and the government, fisheries also take damage if acid rain raised the pH of thier fishing spots too much. If the pH is too high, fish will die and tier market will sharply decrease. Forestry, although cut down by the ESA, can be hurt by acid rain also because the acid can corrode through the wood and damage any parts used for builing materials of even home use.

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